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Winner of the Boundary Country Green Business Award!

How & What to Recycle:

www.recyclinginbc.ca (new info)        Recycling Hotline: 1-800-667-4321

Let's Talk Trash!

On 1 July 2011, we (Ron Liddle / Diana Carr, of Christina Lake) assumed responsibility for garbage and recycling collection in Grand Forks and Area D (rural Grand Forks).

We support the RDKB goal of Zero Waste. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world with no more landfills, with everything not needed being recycled (either composted or sold through recycling centres)? Financially, the future looks grim for garbage collectors - and that's a good thing!

Our “split-trucks” can collect two waste streams with one pass. This truck (also low emissions and fuel-efficient) allows streamlined collection services, saving taxpayer dollars, while protecting environmental values.

Services we provide are:

Green Bin Kitchen Scraps Collection for City of Grand Forks, and Areas C and D - every week on your pick-up schedule. (Note: Yard & Garden waste does not go into the green bin). More info at www.rdkb.com.

Recycling collection (under contract with the Regional District KB) for Area C, Area D, Area E, and City of Grand Forks

Residential Garbage Collection (by “subscription” in Areas E, and under contract for City of Grand Forks and Areas c and D)

Roll off bins by special arrangement

Commercial Waste Collection – Food Scraps, Recycling and Garbage. Call us to make a plan tailored to meet your needs.

Bear-proof garbage cans are for sale

Roll-Off Bin Service

12 cubic yard Roll-off Bins

We can drop off a driveway friendly bin for you to load at your own pace. From single items to full loads, we take away what you don’t want and recycle what we can.

Ideal for:

  • construction site waste
  • renovation waste
  • shed/basement etc. clear outs
  • firewood
  • delivery of sand/gravel/manure/sawdust
  • tractor/Bobcat/Excavator transport
  • moving junk cars, etc
  • tree trimming and yard waste

For prices call Cynthia 1.877.447.9265 or email

Bear-proof garbage cans available

“Securing urban food sources so that newly attracted bears don’t learn old routines, will protect people and bears, and save tax dollars too.” Bear Aware 2005

  • safely secure pet food, garbage and other waste from bears, racoons, ravens, crows and dogs
  • can be rolled with ease to different locations
  • designed for homes, farms and businesses
  • these containers have been tested and certified by:
    • Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee
    • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
    • Living With Wildlife Foundation

Price: $285.00

Winner - Boundary Country Green Business Award!

Boundary Country Regional Chamber:

"The Green Award recognizes a business or organization that operates in an environmentally responsible manner and/or produces a product that reduces natural resource consumption, supports local community and supports the local economy. This award celebrates excellence in green practice, and environmental sustainability."


** Boat access garbage collection schedule:

  • Alpine Marina Wednesdays - 9-10 am and Sundays - 4-5 pm
  • Texas Creek Boat Launch - Fridays 9-10 am

Visit this page at www.RDKB.com for a map that indicates what day your area receives collection.

**new info regarding what can be recycled

**The RDKB has introduced Area D & C to the new 3 stream waste collection system. This includes weekly “green Bin” food scraps collection with alternating bi-weekly recycling and garbage collection. There is no fee for the food scraps and recycling collection, however the curbside garbage collection will require a green RDKB tag. Tags are $3.00 each. To see a complete list of where the new tags can be purchased please visit this page, where it is near the bottom. KVW will continue to be your service provider. We hope the new system works well for you.

Kootenay Business Magazine did an article on us! Click here to read it.

On the Collections page, simply find your route and you can view and/or print a calendar that is unique to your collection route. It includes recycling, garbage, compostable and yard waste collection (where applicable).

Note: Yard & Garden waste does not go into the green bin.

** indicates new information

Driver Doug Turner, manager Cynthia Howard, and
owner Ron Liddle are part of the KVW team

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Commercial Waste Collection

We are terrific at providing flexible customer specific solutions for business waste.

Call Cynthia 1.877.447.9265

Contact info:

    Kettle Valley Waste

Owner operator: Ron Liddle
Manager: Cynthia Howard

Ron Liddle is shown here with the company's high efficiency Hino Roll-off Bin Truck

Trash Talk

The average Canadian throws away approximately 2 kg of waste each day. View the RDKB site for some excellent tips on waste reduction.
The most recent “waste composition study” at the Grand Forks landfill found that 19% by weight was recyclable paper, and 40% was compostable.
From July 2005 - October 2006, 815,000 kg (815 metric tons) of recycling program waste has been diverted from RDKB landfills. About 85% of this diverted waste (by weight) is paper.
In BC (during 2004) simply by returning beverage containers, we avoided 120,848 metric tons of CO2 being emitted – which is the equivalent of taking 26,158 cars off the road. The value of crude oil saved is worth $24,873,255.00.
For every ton of plastic (including Styrofoam) burned, about 2.7 tons of CO2 is produced. Take action – request those who burn garbage to stop.
One aluminum can recycled, saves enough energy to run a 100-watt light bulb for about 3½ hours.
more Trash Talk

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